To enjoy PuG24 and the city of Hamburg, the right accommodation is essential. As the availability of accommodation is very limited, we recommend booking a hotel or vacation apartment as soon as possible.

Below you will find a selection of hotels where we have reserved rooms. You can book a room there directly by e-mail or telephone using the keyword. The reserved rooms cannot be booked online, only via email or telephone.

The rooms are to be paid for by the guests. The hotels offer cancellation options, which must be observed in the event of cancellation.

Hotel Adresse Contingent Price per night Breakfast included Booking Available until Keyword
Intercity Hotel Hamburg Dammtor Messe
St. Petersburger Straße 1
20355 Hamburg
25 rooms
Single & double room
129€ single room
149€ double room
yes To the hotel 16.04.2024 PuG2024
Mercure Hotel Hamburg Mitte Schroederstiftsraße 3
20146 Hamburg
50 rooms
30 single rooms & 20 double rooms
118€ single room
151€ double room
yes To the hotel 02.04.2024 PuG2024
Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg Sternschanze 6
20357 Hamburg
50 double rooms 199€ single use
219€ double use
yes To the hotel 28.04.2024 PuG2024 and Block-ID 456413
B&B Hotel Hamburg-Altona Stresemannstraße 318
22761 Hamburg
50 rooms
25 single rooms & 25 twin rooms
91,14€ Single room
105,21€ Double room
no To the hotel 16.04.2024 PuG2024 oder 651941
Hotel Vorbach Johnsallee 63-67
20146 Hamburg
20 rooms 155€ single room
195€ double room
yes To the hotel 19.03.2024 Psychologie und Gehirn 2024