Submission information

For the Psychology and the Brain 2024 conference you may make a Symposium submission, a Poster submission or a submission for a Panel Discussion. All submissions are now being accepted for the 2024 meeting. Submissions are made via the Indico software. Click on the following button and register with Indico. Try to use the university access. If this is not possible, register regularly with Indico. Then complete all the steps for submission.


Please do not include figures or links into your submissions.

Submission deadlines

Submission deadline for Posters: March 31st 2024

Submission deadline for a Symposium: February 29th, 2024

Submission deadline for a Panel discussion: February 29th, 2024

Submit a poster

Submission of a poster requires a title and an abstract. Poster abstracts must be written in English and must contain a maximum of 250 words. If you want your submission to be considered for a poster blitz session (5 minute talk per poster), please submit a results-blind abstract in the corresponding field. If you are a young scientist and would like to apply for the PuG Poster Prize, please tick the appropriate box. This also applies to the IGOR Prize (Interest Group for Open and Reproducible Science), which is not restricted to young scientists. Please note that you must upload your poster as a PDF file approximately one week before the conference in order to receive the poster prize.

Note that poster boards have portrait format with a total size of 1.2 m (width) by 1.5 m (height). A poster in landscape format is okay, as long as it fits within these margins.

Submit a symposium

The time allotted to each symposium is 90 minutes, which allows 4 to 5 talks. Successful symposia submissions ensure diversity of speakers in terms of institution, career stage, and gender. Please note that you may only be a speaker in one symposium.

Submission of symposia requires a title and an abstract (written in English, 250 words max) describing the specific goals and the organization of the symposium as well as titles and abstracts (written in English, 250 words max) for each of the individual talks.

All information (titles, abstracts, names, etc.) will be submitted by the symposium organiser at once. Please note that you should provide information on the following questions regarding ALL presenters during the submission process: Name, affiliation, gender, JuWi status, application for IGOR award.

JuWis are also invited to submit and lead symposia!

Submit a panel discussion

Panel discussions should be devoted to a specific topic that will most likely be of broad interest to attendees of the conference. Topics may cover specific research areas, methodologies or more general topics of academia (e.g. equal opportunity considerations, career development, or scientific publishing). Panel composition should ensure diversity of discussants in terms of institution, career stage, and gender.

Submission of a panel discussion requires a title and an abstract (written in English, 250 words max) describing the specific goals and key questions to addressed as well as the relevance of the topic to be covered.